7 thoughts on “Demolished Buildings, Norton c1990s

  1. The demolitions were Harrisons Joiner shop formerly the tannery at the top of Beaconsfield Road and the black path to Hillside road, demolished in the 1980’s. The wall to the left of the bricked up arch was built to secure the Norton Hall site beyond when the 3 cottages were demolished. The 3 cottages including no 53 The green were demolished circa 1968.. 3 generation of the Simpson family lived here. Mr and Mrs White and Mrs Beattie Hainsworth lived in the other two cottages.


  2. These were at the top of Beaconsfield road. The middle photo shows the edge of the building that used to house Harrison’s joinery. You used to access the black path at the corner of the building where there is a change in the shape of the brickwork corner just above head height.


  3. Think it could be Harrison’s joiners yard top of beacon field road on the village green end there’s loads of apartment’s there now.


  4. I would say they are the cottages to the left of the archway that leads upto the Co-op Store. On the walkway to the l/h side you can now see the open area to the rear of the cottages. They were dismantled early 2015.


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