Billingham Council Offices c1930

t14821Billingham Urban District Council was formed in 1923 and existed until absorbed into Teesside in 1968, initially the main administrative centre was Haverton Hill and this is where the BUDC offices were built, this image shows the office block to be near completion but not yet in use, also in Haverton Hill were the Ministry Of Pensions and the Welfare Clinic, the former was in a converted church opposite the BUDC offices and the latter was an annexe to the Methodist Church, people of a certain age will probably remember visiting the clinic to collect such things as “National Dried Milk”, extremely tasty concentrated orange juice and equally tasty malt, unfortunately we were also supplied with the somewhat less tasty cod liver oil, in later years the cod liver oil was mixed with the malt so there was no escaping it.

This image was supplied by Colin Hatton, I did know the Ministry of Pensions were in Haverton Hill but It was Colin who told me they were in a converted church, I vividly remember the long walk from the North side of Billingham to the Welfare Clinic and calling in to my Grandmothers house in Cleveland Avenue Haverton on the way past, then visiting my other Grandmother in Cornwall Crescent Billingham on the way back.

Courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

5 thoughts on “Billingham Council Offices c1930

  1. Just Curious. Is Colin Hatton at all connected to the Hatton family who used to live in Portrack. If so, I and he asks the editor to pass a contact on to me (e mail) I have some bits of history that might interest him


    • Hello

      I have been in touch with Colin and he has said that it is quite possible the Portrack Hatton’s may be related, his father wasn’t very talkative about the rest of the family and it wasn’t until his fathers death that he discovered he had an uncle living in the area, Colin is not internet connected but you can get in touch through me at this email has been set up for a project I am involved with and will be closed once the project is finished so I don’t mind it being in the public domain.
      Colin said he is interested in information about any Hatton’s that live locally he is an amateur historian with a special interest in Haverton Hill, his home town, his other main interest is in The Great War and he and I travel all around this area giving talks on that subject, actually Colin does the talking and I put together and show his slideshows, we are giving a talk at Stockton Library sometime this year.


  2. Billingham was a great place to live & work. The KD Club, the pubs, the Forum etc. It went down hill when absorbed into Greater Teesside and again, when ICI pulled out.


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