Richard Hind Football Team c1960s

t14823A photograph showing the Football Team at Richard Hind School, I guess in the early 60’s. My brother Malcolm (known by everyone as Mick) is in the photograph and played in goal for the team. I haven’t a clue who the rest of the boys are. Maybe someone else can help.

Photograph and details courtesy of Paul Gilhooley

13 thoughts on “Richard Hind Football Team c1960s

  1. Paul this was the 1955 RH team, coached by the late Ken Sawyer. Back row: Brian Summerhill, John McBride, Alan Pattison, Alan Dodsworth, Geoff Croake, Mick Gilhooley, Tony Elliott. Front row:Brian McEwan, Barry Heath, Mick Leighton, John Robson, Dougie Cattermole.


    • Dougie Cattermole was a pro at Middlesbrough & Scarborough, Mick Gilhooley played in goal at Billingham Synthonia & Shildon, Brian McEwan played at Stockton F.C.


      • A quick check with the excellent Synners website shows Mick Gilhooley played 26 games for the club in season 1959/60


      • Thank you Dave for the correction, I know you knew a lot of the lads in the picture. Other Sunderland Glebe lads you knew included Ronnie Ibbetson
        and Billy Hurren, all from my year at Richard Hind.


      • Geoff Groarke played for the M.O.D. at Eaglescliffe in the Stockton & District League, Alan (Patto) Pattison played for Preston S.C.


        • Can any of you remember playing against Roseworth Secondary School 1962. They had a triumphant team of that year, winning the league and the Salmon Cup., only losing out to Gateshead in the final of The Durham Schools Cup at The Victoria Ground. Team names-Brown, Brennan, Wilkinson, Watson, Wright, Ptterson, Sudlow, Betts, Potter, Butler, Wilson, Lakey and Middleton.
          Regards Pauline a supporter of the team at the time I attended the school.


          • This Richard Hind photo is from at least 1956. This Roseworth team’s achievement was equalled by other schools, Richard Hind & Arthur Head to name two. Charlie Butler, Keith Lakey, Brian Wilson progressed to senior football, but unfortunately Lol Middleton had an accident after being at Wolves.


            • Hello anon, do you remember Brian Winn who played for Bailey Street, Stockton Boys, then progressed to senior football in various local teams? I`m his sister Pauline.


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