1st Wolviston Boy Scouts c1956

t14832This is a photograph of The 1st Wolviston Boy Scout Troup heading out to our annual weeks camp, I think it was to Staindrop in 1956, I could be wrong as it was a long time ago. Our Skipper or General Scout Master was Johnny Antrobus from Billingham, I look back and realise how much time and effort he put in to Scouting with no real recognition of his good work. He ran our troop with lots of fun and discipline, it was somewhere we all looked forward to going to every Friday Night. I believe Skip and Scouting gave me a good start in life. Some of our members I am still in touch with to this day.

Some of the names I can remember in this photograph are Alan Bell, George Caldwell, Oswald Dodds, Keith Humble, Brian Humble, Richard Nelson, Keith Nesbitt, Keith Parnaby, Derek Redfearn, Graham Smith, Dave Tatchell, Billy Woodall, Alan Weedall, George Walker, Dennis Young and the Pinder brothers whose first names I can’t remember.

Photograph and details courtesy of Ian Dalrymple.

6 thoughts on “1st Wolviston Boy Scouts c1956

  1. Your right Bob. Biff Hendry was Ian’s adopted father. Ian’s mother, Molly, was John Antrobus’s sister. A bit of a mixture between the Hendry’s and the Antrobus’s. Ian later found his birth Mother living in Berwick Hills, and took his birth name of Cope. Biff left Molly in the early 1960’s, and was last heard of living in Saltash in Cornwall, according to Ian. Ian himself lived for a few years in Cornwall, before moving to Warwick, and I think he met him there.


    • Hello there

      Just stumbled on by accident, amazed how much you know. Ian Hendry was my cousin, my name being Robert Howells. Ian has sadly passed away a few years ago from cancer, living in Warwick like you say with his wife Trish still living there.

      I guess our Ian born in 1947/8 same age as my older brother Eric. I am 64 and connection being that my mam Margaret (Antrobus) Howells was molly’s sister – they were so close. They lived at 274 Cotswold Crescent and she was raised at 98 same road with John – molly and younger brother Ian now all deceased.

      I spent so much of my childhood and youth on Teesside my spiritual home really. We moved to Ludlow, Shropshire where dad belonged very young and the family including Dad all worked for ICI. My dad being from there meeting mam from being wounded in the war as a nurse at Sedgfield hospital.

      John and dad were both royal engineers veterans in WW2 serving in Europe. Grandad Jack was in WW1 at the Somme etc and disabled from then.

      I remember all with great memories. Ian was my soul mate for years trailing round with him nights out drinking in the Tuc club by Kennedy flats or down boro’, Tenpin bowling at Billingham Brunswick bowl & fish &chips from Hoggs or over the tin lizzie to Cowpen.

      His stepdad Biff passed on a few years ago but his step mother Ann (who was Uncle Ian’s first wife) still lives in Cornwall. Ian was a decent footballer and played around alongside at the time with Willie Maddren who went on to a great career at Boro. I recall impossible to get the ball off both were so good.

      We were and I still am big Boro fans and Ian used to take me through the squeeze in the Holgate end at Ayresome park. I still follow Boro mainly at away games near my home in Telford since 1979.

      Ian started work as a plater in Graythorp shipyard but later on when the decimation of industry Ian turned to become something of a full time gambler hence settling in Warwick near loads of racecourses. His bookies credit in Newquay and cornwall a bit too successful. He had a good heart though and spent years voluntary CAB in Brum.

      Both uncle John and Ian were great with us and kind mentors and such humour and principles, the image was so real. I return periodically to the north east my kids grandkids proud with their Boro tops.

      Interesting my uncle Ian who was a tanker driver was big pals with an Alan Bell on the image also a driver and my own engagement was at the ici club in 1978. they met in transport corner at the club.

      Our nearest neighbours from memory were Fairweathers, Semple, Coates,Days, Moss and relations named Antrobus; offhandian had a friend david Fawcett also

      —-all so long ago. hope this jogs a memory or two


      bob howells


  2. I recognize Ian Dalrymple from the picture. A bit older than me but, always recognizable. Can’t place anyone else though.


  3. The boy in the centre at the front is Ian Hendry(later Ian Cope). Ian died some years ago,after living in the West Midlands since the mid 1980’s. John Antrobus was Ian’s adopted mother’s brother.


    • Thanks for the Info on Ian Hendry David. Keith Parnaby and I could not come up with his name. I named one of the group as George Caldwell, it should have been Corfield, he was the Entertainer in the troop, Played guitar and sang mostly Lonnie Donnegan songs.


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