Densham’s Corner, Stockton

t14834Denshams Corner on the corner of Yarm Lane and Yarm Road, Stockton. Date unknown.

Photograph and details courtesy of Keith Stephens.

A more modern photograph of the old doctors surgery on Densham’s Corner courtesy of Keith Stephens.


21 thoughts on “Densham’s Corner, Stockton

  1. Can anyone correct or corroborate this? Dr. Densham lived on or adjacent to Oxbridge Lane in pre-WWII days and was driven to’from his “surgery” as it was then called, in a two-wheeled covered, but open-fronted, horse drawn vehicle? This is my memory.


  2. Densham’s Corner was named after Dr. Henry B. Densham who moved to Stockton from Cornwall in the 1880’s to live in Barrington Crescent where he became a practising Surgeon. Census returns record that Henry Densham was an apprentice Chemist and the son of William Densham a Congregational Minister.

    The first GP’s at the the Densham’s Corner Surgery were Dr David Anderson and Dr Curd who were both trained Surgeons.

    In 1974 the Practice moved to a Health Centre in Lawson Street with Dr Fletcher and Dr Colin Anderson. Dr Williams joined the Practice in 1982 followed by Dr Oliver in 1999. Dr Fletcher retired in 2000 and Dr Williams in February 2016. Dr Oliver is now joined by Dr Chaudhury.

    A New Health Centre was built on the site of the original Lawson Street Health Centre and opened by Tony Blair in 2006. The Practice moved into the new building on 27th March 2006 and is named ‘The Densham Surgery’.


  3. Dr Gordon Bowes, who was our family doctor- until the mid 1970s when Dr Ramaswamy took over- was based there. I think the others in the practice included Dr Fletcher and Dr Curd.

    Those were the days of home visits and I can remember one evening Dr Bowes came out to see my sister who was ill in bed upstairs. When he arrived, his favourite TV programme was on : “Land of Song” with Ivor Emmanuel -so as he watched it – enthralled- my mother made him a cup of tea and gave him a piece of cake.

    When the programme finished , he suddenly stood up and said ” Well, I must be off- I’ve another call to make ” and he swiftly left the house, leaving us somewhat astonished as he hadn’t even ventured upstairs .

    Fortunately my father eventually ran down the path after him and caught him just as he was clambering into his car to remind him of the real reason for his visit – and he duly returned and attended to the patient !


    • I remember sitting for a long time in the waiting room for Dr Bowes who was always late to arrive for surgery, he seemed to arrive very late in the evening when a home visit was arranged, but we stayed with him as he was very likable.


  4. It seems to me that Denshams corner was all Doctors and Dentists offices. My Doctor, was called Doctor Place, he even did house visits… does that still happen?


    • Dr place was my grandmothers doctor he eventually moved to Birmingham, when I moved to South Essex in the late 1980s I met a guy in my workplace who lived in Southend-on-Sea he said his doctor was a Doctor Place who had moved from Birmingham – small world!


  5. When I went to Oxbridge infants and juniors, there was a boy in our class who lived there. It was some 53 years ago when I last saw him as I’m sure when we left to go to the senior schools he went to Richard Hind, I’m sure his name was Peter Swift?. His dad must have been a doctor there, as I always thought it a doctors residence, or am I wrong on both counts, can anyone confirm this? There was another school friend who lived almost opposite here and his name was Peter Johnson, sure his dad was a coal man, again he went to RH school.


    • Harry Johnson, Coal Merchant. Dave Johnson his son. There were two others called Dave Johnson in Oxbridge at that time. One was a local hard man and the other was in the RAF and then worked in a bodyshop in a garage in Yarm Lane.


      • Dave Johnson worked with me in Dinsdales bodyshop he was a great lad to work with, he later married a girl from one of the streets near Stockton football ground I believe he died quite young.


    • I lived here from around 1960 until, I think, 1964. I think we had the apartment at a very low rent in return for my mother taking out of hours telephone calls for the doctors. I went to Oxbridge Lane Primary (my aunt, Miss Pedalty was the headmistress) and Junior Schools. I was reminiscing about the house and looking for photographs after reading Margaret Forster´s wonderful memoir, My Life In Houses.


    • Harry Johnson was based in Marlborough Road. His brother Jack lived on Varo Terrace. Perhaps this is the Johnson Dave is referring to.


  6. My doctor’s surgery was in this building in the late 50’s and throughout the 1960’s but can’t remember his name.


    • My aunt has reminded me that my doctor’s name was Colin Anderson. Other doctors at the practice were Bow, Bowes, David Anderson and Curd. Dr Fletcher joined them later.


        • On the 1891 census Henry Densham aged 27 is recorded living in 5 Barrington Crescent. Also in that household was a House keeper Sophia Alderson and page boy George Staw. I understood this household to be in Yarm Road adjacent to the Densham Corner building. A study of the sequence of addresses in the enumerator records does not help to confirm this understanding.


          • I remember Dr Curd well, when he was out and about he always dressed in a Deerstalker and cape and rode a sit-up and beg push bike he was a real eccentric with a booming voice, so every body in the waiting room knew what was wrong with you, he was a very nice man.


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