Grangefield Grammar School

t14836Reading the many comments about Grangefield Grammar School rules, there was a rule about cyclists only using the north driveway, we used to call it the back drive. I remember when I first got a car and for a dare, took it up the back drive one evening with two fellow students whose names I think were Ken Hornby and Brian Braithwaite.

Photograph and details courtesy of Garth McLean.

22 thoughts on “Grangefield Grammar School

  1. Was the Ken Hornby mentioned by Garth a boy who went to
    Bailey Street School. There was a boy Kenneth in my class whose mother taught at Bailey
    Street for a short while, his mother took a photograph of a few pupils which I Still have somewhere.


  2. The “back drive” is still in existence but is slightly widened to allow cars access to a car park next to the newish sports hall ( roughly where the CCF hut was for those old enough to remember ) now used by Stockton Rugby Club .

    There are a couple of “passing places ” but otherwise only one car at a time . What will happen to it when the old school is demolished in a few months I am not sure.


  3. I remember Garth McLean from Oxbridge Lane. You used to walk with me from school to the bridge over the railway which went across to Spring Street where I lived, because you liked train spotting. You had a little book in which you wrote the numbers. Wendy Howell


    • Hi Wendy. It’s Irene (Metcalfe that was). These pictures bring back lots of memories. I still have a postcard that you sent me from Scotland. You signed it Wendy McHowell. I loved it at Oxbridge especially Miss Pickles.
      Didn’t do so well at Grangefield. I was a bit out of my depth I think.


      • Hi Irene. I remember you so well. We were a threesome – you, me and Ruth Swain. We were the bright girls in Miss Pickles’ class. I lost touch with everyone after the 11 plus. We all passed, but I wept bitter tears when my parents wanted me to go to Queen Vic, away from all my friends. I also remember there was, amongst many other bright girls, one girl called Sandra Bartram. I have no memory of sending the postcard, nor having a Scottish holiday. would love to see it.


    • Hi Wendy, Thanks for reminding me. I would go trainspotting on Spring Street bridge and then go to my grandparents who lived in Kensington Road


  4. Aged 12 I was in the Orthopaedic ward of N/Allerton Frairage Hosp during 1960. In the opp. bed was a nice lad called ‘Tony’, he’d have been about 15 and we’d have long chats from bed to bed. He attended Grangefield Grammar School at the time, and sadly had suffered a leg to be amputated. I often wondered what happened to him in later life.Can anyone recall him from those long-ago school-days?


    • I remember a lad with an artificial leg back in the early 60s, but can’t remember his name. I seem to remember he grew a full beard during the summer break, but Bradshaw made him get rid !


  5. The boys used to ride their bikes past our classroom at the back. We would shout and wave. There was one boy with a crewcut and his bike had massive turned up handlebars. His name was Dougie Brewster. Does anyone remember him?


  6. Garth, did you take a couple of young upstarts to Scotland in that car in 1966 to photograph the last days of steam trains?


    • Yes, I did and I believe it broke down with a flat battery somewhere near Perth. Remind me of who was the other ‘upstart’


  7. Fantastic old car – if it was in same condition now worth a few bob. What year was this taken guess car from around mid 50s


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