Newtown School, 1956

t14845 t14845aThis photograph was taken in the school yard of Newtown School before we all went our separate ways some to Newham Grange and other schools.

With the help of a couple of school friends some years ago we managed to identify all but one face, can anyone help? He is standing on the back row between David Barrett on the left and Brian Crawford.

Here are a full list of the other names:-
Back row from left to right:- Joe Simpson, Vincent Costello, Kenneth Lake, David Hebron, Keith McQuade, Douglas Baker, Mervyn James, Albert Simpson, Earnest Allen, David Barret, (??), Brian Crawford, Michael Morgan, Tommy Mooney, Brian Swales, George Lambert, Mr Harker.
Middle row:- Miss Patterson, Raymond Walker, Judith Turner, Ann Hall, Maureen Burns, Cora Hall, Audrey Ferguson, Sybil Titterington, Margaret Grainger, Nancy Clark, Betty Doidge, Glenda Ellis, Beryl Bailey, Doreen Kerr, Beryl Kett, Linda Hart, Kenneth Harris, Brian Savage.
Front row:- Edith Oram, Pauline Ward, Carol Simmons, Norma Fenton, Catherine Hall, Kathleen Plummer, Headmaster Mr Wynn, Carol Storey, Mavis Clark, Brenda Ridley, Ann Matson/Lofthouse, Valerie Robson, Audrey Oliver.
Two sitting on the floor Tommy Ballantyne, George Steel.

Photograph and details courtesy of Brian Swales.

5 thoughts on “Newtown School, 1956

  1. Just discovered your site and read a comment about my cousin Errol Bulmer from Alma Street. I would dearly like to contact him again as I am now living in the UK after being in Cyprus for past 15 years. Could anyone shed any light on his whereabouts. Freda (nee Atkinson) Burridge who lived in Herbert Street in the 40`s/50`s. Thanks.


  2. I first uploaded this photograph in 2005 asking the same question but I failed to read all the answers! Looking again at the original post I see the missing person had replied in 2013. He is John McWilliams but I wouldn’t have remembered his name. This is what John posted – Hi, I’m John McWilliams, I am the unknown boy in the back row. Obviously I was so good and no bother to any-one that no one remembered me!! I have lived in Australia with my wife and two children (now adults) since 1973. After the scholarship I went to Frederick Nattrass School with Albert Simpson. Brian Crawford and myself were members of the Methodist Youth Club in Hardwick.
    So everyone has been named not bad after almost 60 years!


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