Parkwood Tipplers c1981

t14846A photograph of the ‘Parkwood Tipplers’ training for the first Great North run in 1981. The ‘Tipplers’ all lived in the Hartburn and Fairfield area of Stockton. They attended a keep-fit class at the Sixth Form College, Stockton on Monday evenings followed by a ‘put the world to right discussion’ over a pint in the Parkwood on Darlington Road, Stockton.

Photograph courtesy of Jack Cuthbert (third from the left), details courtesy of Richard Scott.

7 thoughts on “Parkwood Tipplers c1981

  1. Jack Cuthbert is sixth from the left, Ken Aitcheson is fifth from the left, he is involved with Stockton West End football team.


  2. Remember those training days so well. My one and only half marathon. Still in contact with John Gibson and Albert Jeffries


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