Faraday Hall L2 and Mrs Perot, Billingham South Modern

t14847A photograph  showing Faraday Hall L2 with the Art teacher Mrs. Perot, she was a gorgeous person in all ways. When I left school at 15, she invited the whole class to come over for dinner. Only myself and Mike Bennington (Benny) went. We were both madly in love with her, as young boys of 15 would be.

Photograph and details courtesy of Derek Appleton.

6 thoughts on “Faraday Hall L2 and Mrs Perot, Billingham South Modern

  1. Wow, somebody else who remembers the Kave Dwellers Club! I wasn’t into Art but always thought Ms. Perrot was a Cracker!
    Some other teachers, Alan Medd, Mr. Teasdale, Miss Dodd, Norman Coates, Mr. Laws.

    I was in L1 1963 and 1964.
    Norman (Baldy) Miller


    • It would be 1963. I’m not in the picture so I must have been having a well deserved day off at the time (I was the only one who believed that). I’ll post more pics soon.


      • A lot of the pupils never went to the South Modern. A number came from Billingham North Junior, School, via Stephenson and Davy hall. Some were originally at the North school, but moved to Roseberry Juniors, and then Stephenson Hall, and Davy Hall, and one, Henry Bunting, from outside the North East. I had forgotten about this class photograph altogether. Miss Perot was a good art teacher, and art was one of my best subjects. Another pupil who liked art if I remember was Carol Myers, the girl standing behind Miss Perot. There appears to be a number of pupils missing, and some are no longer with us.


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