Class 37 37036 and Ferry Vans – 1983

This photo was taken by myself on a sunny evening in October 1983.  Although I was focusing on the trains at the time, many years later, the background scenery is of as much historical interest, if not more so, than the trains. The large engineering shop was once part of the Ashmore, Benson & Pease complex, but was demolished in the late 1980s. The trainspotters among us will know that this photo shows a class 37 37036 hauling a rake of Ferry Vans to Middlesbrough goods depot. These Ferry Vans were designed to be transported to Europe on train ferries. This traffic ended when the channel tunnel was opened.

Photograph and details courtesy of Kevin McGowan.

5 thoughts on “Class 37 37036 and Ferry Vans – 1983

  1. The locomotive in the photograph D6736 – now 37605 – is still working on the system at 54 years old this month. The English Electric Type 3s – 309 originally in the class – have proved to be superb value for money.


  2. great photo kevin this was just opposite bowesfield signal box the road beneath the bridge is bowesfield lane, the factory had a great big fan which switched on about eight every morning until about five on the night and drove you mad, its hard to make out but i wonder if the train was heading into south stockton yard might explain why it has a guards van on only one end, nice shot though kevin.


    • When I use to go into South Stockton yard with the pilot from Tees Yard we went into a dumb end siding then propelled into the yard once got the signal to do so.


      • bill you could also access south stockton from the hartburn branch and go straight in from stockton. Or you could come up either the main or goods and set back through the xover on the branch and propel in


  3. I wonder if these RIV ferry wagons are part of the traffic flow from Hartlepool, Cemetry North, to Dunkerque loaded with cement?


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