4 thoughts on “Tynewood at Stockton Quayside

  1. Peter seems to be right about 1975ish not being the date. But I notice that Len Toulson has a picture entitled “Stockton Quayside c1968”. in the set of three ancillary pictures below the main one.

    Sounds like the one in question was taken at about the same time, possibly before the ship was converted to a tanker.


  2. From the amount of demolition on the shores of the Tees, below and around the Remploy factory, and the quality of the picture, I would put this picture as being from the mid seventies.

    Tynewood was launched in 1957 and scrapped in 1992, although it had a number of owners after 1968, when it was converted to a tanker


  3. What a blast from the past, I worked on the Tynewood in 1959-60. My first ship was also a Constantine ship, an old coal burner called Westwood.


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