2 thoughts on “Stockton High Street c1970s

  1. This picture was taken no earlier than 1978 and is one of a sequence of official Council shots. I’ve seen two other variants of this picture, one was in a Cleveland County guide, the other I acquired as a large sized print from the photographer who used to be on Varro Terrace. And now this is a third variant. The difference is that some of the vehicles are in different positions.
    The date is confirmed as 1978 because the Green Cleveland Transit bus in the background is of a type introduced that year. The blue and white wagon in the middle of the picture belongs to Northern Gas Board, and its Driver will be my late Father Mr Neville Hall. As I said earlier this is one of three variants of this picture, In the one I have on my wall the Gas Board van has completed its turn and is now travelling North up the High Street, and is still visible showing its rear end. My dad proved it was him because the van was the only one in the fleet at that time to have windows in its rear doors and it was allocated to Northern Gas boards Gateshead depot. Every Friday my dad and his mate would take it back there after its weeks work on Teesside. They always used to go via the High Street so they could get their fags from that tiny little tobacco shop near the Blue Post hotel’s sign. I would dearly love to get a proper print of this picture so I can mount it on the wall next to the other one.


  2. A depressing replacement of the original revered characterful High Street, they say never look back but sadly Stockton died following the greater Tees-side merger and re-vamp of the High Street.


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