4 thoughts on “East Grid: Belasis Lane Track Diagram 1983

  1. I was one of the three signalmen who operated the Belasis Lane Signal Box, from August 1971 to 1972. I passed the block telegraph examination on my 18th birthday and I suppose I must have been the youngest signalman on British Rail for a while.
    Arthur Blakemore


  2. Hi Gordon. by the look of the track circuits, you must have the HCN running round, when you took the photo, happy days a traffic that as long gone.


    • belasis lane track diagram, showing double lines to and from billingham then single line to port clarence, this used to be double line to and from haverton station, the single line is now worked by one train working, the first line at the top left of the diagram is the loop from what used to be haverton south, the second line is the entrance and exit from the east grid, the double lines to and from billingham are still worked by absolute block,the bottom part of the diagram in the left hand corner shows the layout at bells bank foot.


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