9 thoughts on “Crowds at Stockton Racecourse c1962

  1. It was called Stockton Races because when racing started in the 1800s Thornaby was known as South Stockton. It took the name Thornaby in the 1890s.


    • Racing started in the 1700’s on the south (Yorkshire) bank of the river at Thornaby Carrs (Teesdale). You’re referring to the second course which was called Stockton races after the Moniker “South Stockton” came about in the 1800’s – they must have had a thing about of reinventing the wheel in those days as Middlesbrough opened up for business as “Port Darlington” of all names!

      Thornaby itself (the ancient village two mile away) was never known as “South Stockton”, which is a common misconception nowadays, as it was a parish in Stainton along with Ingleby, Hemlington, Maltby etc (as was the area opposite Stockton-on-Tees – the Carrs and Mandale) up until 1844.
      It joined with “South Stockton” in 1892 to form the Municipal Borough of Thornaby-on-Tees (a Royal Charter town to this day) – the Borough taking it’s name from the ancient village rather than from a Moniker.


  2. On the wilderness road to the right as you go from Thornaby to Middlesbrough. Part of the area now covered by the trading estate. Princess Margaret Rose had opened brand new stables a short time before it had to close for good.
    The Stockton race meetings were well attended pre war and after, all our relatives came down from Brancepeth for a long weekend, the women slept in the house the men on truckle beds in the garage for the truck, we fed them all as we had the small holding though this was returned when we went up there.
    I went once to Stockton Races as I was never a gambler, standing at the ring watching the horses parade my pal asked what I fancied and backed it, three winners later he gave me a pound a lot back then so what did he win? Having been brought up with horses probably helped.
    Most of the small race courses have now gone yet those active still draw the crowds, I watch on TV and still never bet on them, I love to see good horses working at full stretch.
    Another part of Stockton’s heritage gone.


  3. I remember being taken there as a youngster as part of a family outing – usually on Bank Holidays. It was just off where the A66 and Wilderness Road runs between Thornaby & Middlesbrough – now the western part of Teesside Park shopping area (not the bit where the Showcase Cinema is over the old River Tees). The area was in Stockton before they diverted the River Tees in 1810.


  4. Why was it called Stockton racecourse when it was in Thornaby? As a kid I used to go to Thornaby railway station and carry the bookies gear to the racecourse, and hopefully get a shilling or sixpence for my trouble.


    • In the old loop of the River Tees where Teesside Retail Park & Teesside Golf Course are today. The roads in Teesside Park are named after other horse racing venues (Sandown Way, Newmarket Ave, Aintree Oval).


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