‘Tracers’, Drawing Office, Haverton Hill c1965

t14882This group of self assured young ladies worked as “Tracers” in the drawing office of Furness Shipbuilders in Haverton Hill during the 1960s.

Can anybody put any names to these faces? I am particularly interested in the girl second from the left, standing slightly behind the others, I was at school with her but I can’t remember her name, we were in the same class at Billingham Stephenson Hall from 1958 until 1961. I wish to include her in a School Album project I am working on and knowing her name would be a great help.

Details courtesy of Bruce Coleman. This photograph is from Colin Hatton’s collection.

11 thoughts on “‘Tracers’, Drawing Office, Haverton Hill c1965

  1. The very pretty lady, third from right, is Margaret Weston, nee Thompson, the wife at the time of Brian Weston. Margaret currently resides at Yarm.


    • They are all pretty women, unusual to see so many together these days, but par for the course in the 1960’s. Drinking and smoking didn’t seem to compromise a girls looks in those days. Happy memories.


  2. The short, mannish, hair and miniskirt points to the mid/late sixties. Fashions on Teesside trailed behind London by about 18 months.


  3. It looks like Stuart White’s wife Jackie lives on the Wolveston Court Estate, Billingham, sorry I don’t know her maiden name.


    • Many thanks for the information, I had got the name Jennifer in my mind and couldn’t match it to the face, Jackie was the correct prompt, I knew six Jackie’s and I remembered all of their surnames and the only one I couldn’t put a face to was Jacqueline Richardson, my wife checked her genealogy software and found a Jacqueline Richardson marrying a Donald S White in Billingham in 1967, once I knew her name it was all plain sailing, excellent.


      • Her husband Stuart was a footballer who played for Middlesbrough Juniors, a few Northern League teams, Head Wrightsons, Norton C.C.T. & I.C.I. Cassel Works.


    • Never seemed like a good idea, smoking in a drawing office!….but that said, I worked in a drawing office in central Middlesbrough in the late 80’s/early 90’s when smoking was allowed in the office. One of the senior guys chain smoked, I regularly had to brush ash off the drawings when he had been around!!


      • 2 of the girls appear to have wine glasses as well maybe an office Christmas party, they were a standard happening when I worked at Head Wrightson in the 50’s and 60’s with all the alcohol provided.


        • Not where I worked Dave, you were lucky if you got a handshake from Sir John, seems it was the practice with office staff.


          • I worked down in R & D where the parties were excellent, then moved to the lab at HW Stampings at Seaton where the alcohol flowed very freely at Christmas.


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