Mrs Short and Class, Bowesfield Lane School c1944

t14894With teacher Mrs Short at Bowesfield Lane School in 1944.  I am on the second row, third from the left.

Photograph and details courtesy of Kenny Birch.

Names we know are… Garry Chapman, Malcolm Corner, Arthur Goodall, John Garnett, Alan Bowron, Kenneth Highfield, Alan Edwards, J Best, Colin Fairchild, John Drummond, John Ray, Douglas Thompson, Cyril Tuck, Benny Doneathy, Colin Jarnell, Maurice Cockerill, John Edwards, John Cooper, John Bailes, Peter Shaw, John Holmes, John Evis, Arthur Wilkinson, Kenneth Atkinson, Derek Brocklesbury, Peter Holmes, John Miers.

13 thoughts on “Mrs Short and Class, Bowesfield Lane School c1944

  1. Bill and Kenny Blackwell, my wife remembers the Blackwells from Longly Street; Ann, Eva, Georgy and Billy. She was Joyce Doneathy, sister Madge, brothers Benny and Ray.


  2. The photo Mrs Shorts class with a list of names where did the list come from? the reason I ask is the 14th name Benny Doneathy is my wifes brother who died in about 1975. We are in Australia so an answer would be great thanks Charlie


  3. My late Father is in this photo, Laurence Cockerill as opposed to Maurice Cockerill as stated, I understand people forget names over the years.


  4. At the time this photo was taken, Mrs Shorts class was held together with Mrs Wallers class in the chapel at the Yarm lane end of Trinity Street. The school was used during the war as an A RP base. I lived in Longley Street at the time of the picture.


  5. Thanks Kenny its great to see old Bowesfield Lane School after all these years. I now live in Essex but went to Bowesfield Lane in 1957 when I lived at no 1 Bickerstreth St. opp the goods yard wall by Whitehall Terrace when dad worked for ISSAC ROBSONS on the corner of Bridge Rd and Wood St now sankey home care centre. Thanks again Kenny from Dave Jones.


      • Thanks for your reply Kenny was Waverley St. anywhere near Seaham St. as my mate now lives in Milbank Court off Prince Regent St. in Stockton and he doesn’t remember it I’m thinking somewhere near the Stockton and Thornaby hospital and Shaftsbury St. Any ideas thank you Dave J.


          • The older end of Waverley Street was demolished years ago as were several of the streets on that side of St Cuthberts Road including one side of Northcote Street. A school was built on the land in place of the old Bowesfield Lane.


        • Yes near Stockton and Thornaby Hospital on Bowesfield Lane you had Northcoat Street, Waverley Street, Stafford Street, Camden Street, Arlington Street and Gladstone Street.


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