Billingham Silver Band member Sid Mason

t14895I took this photograph of Sid Mason and his brother in a cafe in Ramsgate, Stockton before they both headed off to the Navy Club. Sid was the big bass

drummer in the 8th Battalion DLI Cadet Band, he also played in the Billingham Silver Band.

Photograph and details courtesy of Derek Brittain.

One thought on “Billingham Silver Band member Sid Mason

  1. I knew both of them very well, often worked with LoL, (sat on the left) I use to go in the Navy Club and see them. While working Train’s, he was I great bloke and driver, he was at Stockton Shed then moved to Darlington, then to Thornaby, he actually fired and drove the Hush Hush engine, of LNER, to which he was proud. he also had a good nickname when on the railway, one that I cannot written on these pages, but liked to go chasing after the ladies what ever age, he also liked a few beers, may he rest in peace.


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