7 thoughts on “St Mary’s Girls School, Stockton c1950

  1. Thank you Patricia Birch for submitting this picture – I have this one, too, and have been meaning to do the same. I enjoyed my time at St Mary’s and have lots of good memories of the staff and the girls – Priests, too, when they used to visit us. ………….Bob Wilson – that was a lovely compliment you made, thought provoking too…………. John Robson – so sorry to learn that Ann Humble is no longer with us, time is fast passing by these days.
    I remember most of the names of the girls here and shall endeavour to put them on, although I do apologise in advance if I have got some wrong, or incorrectly spelled:-
    Top row, from the left – Theresa Williams, Kay Allinson, Mary Wilson, Mary Corrigan, Jean Eales, Doreen McCurley, Maureen Williamson, Pat Flannigan, Ann Humble, Catherine Kelly, June Haw, Theresa Volkes.
    Second row down, from the left – Maria Conroy, Ann Newbold, Mary Callaghan, Maureen Archer, Norah Walker, Mary Moore, Marion Lake, Kathleen Scanlon, Margaret Hassett, Lilian Duncan, Joyce Higgins, Eileen Henry, Catherine Cook.
    Next row, seated, from the left – Ellen Madden, Audrey Clancy, Norma Wilkinson, Kathleen Whelan (who married my brother, Bernard Williamson), Pat Whittingham, Mavis Chapman, Pat Preston, Edith Mullholand, Beryl Suttill, Pat Naylon, Beryl Kennerley.
    Front row, from the left – Pat Lampton, Eileen Dalrymple, Bernardette Jones, Kathleen Green, Kathleen Abbott, and the last little girl, I am sorry to say, unfortunately, I cannot remember her name.
    Thanks again Patricia, for this. My kind regards to you all – Maureen Ramshaw nee Williamson


  2. My friend Bernadette Jones (3rd from left at the front) showed me this. I am 2nd left at the back Kay Allinson. June Haw is 2nd from right and Catherine Kelly is 3rd from the right at the back. Next row 2nd from left Ann Noble, 4th from left Maureen Archer. Margaret Hassett 5th from right, Lilian Duncan 4th from right, Eileen Henry is 2nd from right. 3rd row I think 5th from left is Pat Whittingham next to Mavis Chapman. 1st on the right I think is Beryl Kennerley. I think I have these right but I apologise to those whose faces are so familiar, my friends whose names I have forgotten.
    Funny thing is I hated that picture of me and scratched my face out on our copy. My Uncle Joe Allinson found the same picture and had it printed for me. I still hate it. Best wishes to all my friends in Stockton. I have lived in Leeds since 1966


  3. This is one of the loveliest photos on Picture Stockton Archive, just study the faces, the stance and expressions, and the honesty of spirit portrayed, This is our forbears as school kids, yours and mine, and I am ever so proud of them all.


  4. I counted forty-two students – a large class? Local teachers are campaigning for less than thirty in their classes.


  5. I think the girl 4th from the right on the back row is Ann Humble, her married name was Griffin. Ann lived in Emmanuel Street, close to the school, I knew her from childhood having lived in the area. She was also a neighbour of mine at my present address, sadly Ann died last year at the age of 75.


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