Class Photograph, Frederick Nattrass School c1970

t14907Back Row (l-r): M. Pearson, M Ferguson, Russell Dobison, Edward Grieve, David Pattinson, Stephen ?, F. Sedgewick, M. Poulton, Philip Wood.

Third Row (l-r): George Hugh, ? Johnson, Barry Cowan, S. Cooper, M. Bigly, A Burridge, B. Matthews, Kevin Young, Derek Nichol.

Second Row (l-r): C. Moss, Julie Arnold, Sylvia Stott, Linda Green, M. Heighley, J. Hutchinson, Gina Nagy, E. Phillips, Carol Dinsdale, Carol Irish.

Front Row (l-r): Sheila Skipp, Judy Peacock, M. Boardman, June Carter, Susan ?, Mr Thompson, Yvonne Copeland, Victoria Jefferson, Linda Gray, Diana Middleton, Margaret Crowe.

Seated (l-r): Bobby O’Keefe, Robert Butler, Bobby Holmes, Philip Renton.

Photograph and details courtesy of Maureen Lonsdale nee Boardman.

6 thoughts on “Class Photograph, Frederick Nattrass School c1970

  1. One of the surnames missing is Stephen Ashworth I think? Great to see picture again as I guess we all approach our 60ths!. I’m living in sunny Eastbourne… married for over 30 years and have three grown up boys. Life’s been great… so far!
    Paul Johnson. 7th Nov 2017


  2. When I saw the picture I couldn’t believe what I was looking at, it brought back many memories. Would be nice to see what happened to everyone.


  3. Oh how lovely to see everyone. I remember everyone as if the photo was taken yesterday. Has anyone any news on what happened to my classmates?


  4. Oh my , There is my late very dear and much missed friend Phil Renton, I never knew anyone who could make people smile and laugh as much as Philly, such a really really nice lad and his death was a dreadful loss to his family.


  5. The late Phil Renton (RIP) I got to know him in the early 80’s, he was a singer in a few local rock bands at that time. He was a great and funny lad. The last I saw him (sadly turned out to be the final time) was outside Boots in Stockton High Street in 1986, he was working as a Postman, sadly he was killed in a traffic accident about a fortnight later.


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