Class Photograph, Frederick Nattrass School c1970

t14907Back Row (l-r): M. Pearson, M Ferguson, Russell Dobison, Edward Grieve, David Pattinson, Stephen ?, F. Sedgewick, M. Poulton, Philip Wood.

Third Row (l-r): George Hugh, ? Johnson, Barry Cowan, S. Cooper, M. Bigly, A Burridge, B. Matthews, Kevin Young, Derek Nichol.

Second Row (l-r): C. Moss, Julie Arnold, Sylvia Stott, Linda Green, M. Heighley, J. Hutchinson, Gina Nagy, E. Phillips, Carol Dinsdale, Carol Irish.

Front Row (l-r): Sheila Skipp, Judy Peacock, M. Boardman, June Carter, Susan ?, Mr Thompson, Yvonne Copeland, Victoria Jefferson, Linda Gray, Diana Middleton, Margaret Crowe.

Seated (l-r): Bobby O’Keefe, Robert Butler, Bobby Holmes, Philip Renton.

Photograph and details courtesy of Maureen Lonsdale nee Boardman.

5 thoughts on “Class Photograph, Frederick Nattrass School c1970

  1. When I saw the picture I couldn’t believe what I was looking at, it brought back many memories. Would be nice to see what happened to everyone.


  2. Oh how lovely to see everyone. I remember everyone as if the photo was taken yesterday. Has anyone any news on what happened to my classmates?


  3. Oh my , There is my late very dear and much missed friend Phil Renton, I never knew anyone who could make people smile and laugh as much as Philly, such a really really nice lad and his death was a dreadful loss to his family.


  4. The late Phil Renton (RIP) I got to know him in the early 80’s, he was a singer in a few local rock bands at that time. He was a great and funny lad. The last I saw him (sadly turned out to be the final time) was outside Boots in Stockton High Street in 1986, he was working as a Postman, sadly he was killed in a traffic accident about a fortnight later.


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