The Official Opening of Ashmores South Works in 1950

t14806Although the grand ceremony was held in 1950, it took until 1954 to install all the production machinery. That’s good old British pomp and ceremony for you!

Photograph and details courtesy of Derek Wade.


t14899 t14900 t14901These three photographs were contributed to Picture Stockton by Lee Arnold…

In the above photograph you can see memorial stones on the wall – one c1918 and the other c1951. These stones are currently located outside the Jacobs offices on Surtees Way (was Aker, and Davy International before that).

6 thoughts on “The Official Opening of Ashmores South Works in 1950

  1. Went to Stockton Library for further information. In the Reference Library they had several copies of the “Concorde” the Ashmore’s magazine. This showed the construction of the “new South works”. in issue One through to issue Five. If anyone is interested. Seeing the Place being gradually being built. Like a Poster has already mentioned nothing had been installed, even the building work was incomplete. Seeing the pictures of the vast empty bays brought back memories of a similar scene in October 1978 prior to me and all the apprentices being transferred to Darlington Whessoe, certainly a sad end for what was a “state of the art facility”.


  2. My Dad “Peter Purchase” remembers the opening. He seems to remember a Fairground, and no doubt a Beer tent . Dad started as a Platers Helper before going on the Cranes, and then onto the X Ray. He finally left when Whessoe took over having been with Ashmore’s/Power Gas for twenty years. He did go back for short stints but felt the place was never the same. He often talked about Ashmores with much love and affection, about the characters and work. Also the noise ! I started my Apprenticeship September 1977 never thinking the place would be closed around 18 months later, I was transferred to Darlington, I always hoped Stockton would re open but demoltion of this “state of the art factory” killed that dream. I’m sure on that opening day those folk had great dreams also.


  3. I have a copy of the picture of Ashmores opening too. I am the little girl in the photo (front row left hand side with the white dress and ribbon in her hair). I was 6 years old and am now 71. My parents and brother are also next to me. My dad worked at Ashmores from 1947 until his death in 1961. He worked in the stores, his name was Richard (nobby) Clarke.


    • I believe that I was present at the official opening; My grandfather was invited by his employers, Messrs.Geo Fordy,and Son, the building contractor. There was entertainment including an opera singer, but that is all I can remember! Barrie Braney


  4. My grandfather Walter Dickson is in this picture standing next to the lady in the white cardigan. He was invited to join the group of the company’s officials at the ceremony as its longest serving employee. He finally retired in 1952 at the age of 77.


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