4 thoughts on “Demolition of the Victoria Estate

  1. Why were these flats demolished? Was there a basic design fault, which was rectified when the apparently similar flats in Portrack were built about five years later? Was it because the Victoria estate flats were used to house families, whereas at Portrack it seemed to be old people or middle aged child less couples?


  2. Please excuse my ignorance, but could someone tell me where Victoria Estate is/was. I am an expat living in Coventry for almost 50 years and I tend to lose track of new developments around the town. I paid a visit last year just to see what it was like. What on earth have they done to the High Street? Over to you, chaps.


  3. I had a pal who lived on this estate. When I saw it was being demolished, I called him to ask if he wanted a photo of his old residence, he replied ‘No thanks, it’s indelibly imprinted in my brain’


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