7 thoughts on “The Vane Arms, William IV and the Black Lion c1969

  1. The Vane Arms was one of my favourite places for Friday evenings out with friends. All of these facades should have been retained. The Planners ruined the High Street with their lack of vision


  2. Thank you Neal for this one. I have only just discovered it whilst searching through others. As a schoolboy with a vivid imagination I thought of the days when horse drawn coaches would have pulled into the arch bringing guests to the Black Lion.

    Later, as an under-paid teenage apprentice, I courted a girl whose Dad was well-heeled and took us for lunch on a Saturday to the Vane Arms. It gave me aspirations I thought will always be out of my reach but I loved being treated in the Vane Arms,

    Surely these buildings must have been Listed at Grade II, How did the developers get permission to knock them down and replace them with an anemic shopping mall?


  3. My late aunt Nora Hough worked as a waitress at the Vane Arms for many years. One day she served lunch to the England cricket great Sir Len Hutton.


  4. Completely agree Derek. I was about 10 years old when they replaced these historic building with the horrible shopping arcade.


  5. I remember The Vane Arms well. My Mam & Dad took me there for lunch a few times, upstairs in the restaurant. Pulling the noted hotels down was a tragedy. We have a lot to be ashamed of, destroying history like that.


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