Transporter End of the Clarence Railway, 1969

The Transporter end of the Clarence Railway gives a view of what the railway was starting to look like, before it had a revival with the development of the oil terminal and chemical plants in the seventies. What seems to be the Bell Brothers signal box, lies in the far distance. It would have been nice to have got a picture from the top of the Transporter of the area but the footway was closed off at that time.

Photographs and details courtesy of Fred Starr.

4 thoughts on “Transporter End of the Clarence Railway, 1969

  1. The two top pictures can be added together to give something like a panoramic view of the line. Picture Stockton have now added a blow up which shows Bell Signal Box and the Port Clarence Station more clearly.

    The four chimneys on the roof of the station suggests that this may have been intended for offices, keeping track of the huge amount of freight passing up and down the line, initially from Bells Ironworks and then later from the salt works and chemical plants. There would also have been coking coal from the Durham pits in the early days..

    Does Frank Mee or some one know which docks were used by ICI Billingham to ship out its production of ammonium sulphate, nitric and sulphuric acid, etc?


    • I’m not sure about Sulphuric and Nitric acid,but Ammonium Sulphate was shipped out through Middlesbrough dock regularly,although in 1964 a full cargo of Ammonium Sulphate(about ten thousand tons) was loaded at the Reach wharf,and shipped to Mackay in Queensland. I worked as an apprentice deck officer on that same ship,the Gloxinia,later that year.At low tide the ship was resting on the bottom. During my time with ICI,from the early 1970’s,the main export route of acids was by road or rail,but I would assume some would need to go by sea.Perhaps someone has more information about acids exports.


  2. great photos fred nice shot of bells bank foot signal box, and also the row of small buildings which were port clarence station, this was accessed via a single line from port clarence box which was further up the line on the same side this box was closed in 1964, whereas bells bank foot was burnt down by vandals not so long ago, lovely photos nice to see.


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