Teesside Airport (As was)

t14975I noticed the sign on the terminal building appears to be two words ‘TEES SIDE’, I seem to remember seeing it with a hyphen and as one word over the years.

The company Autair is not one I have heard of, I think it was British Midland that flew out of this airport when I once took a commercial flight to Heathrow. There was also another company that ran a service to The Channel Islands.

I am certain that there will be visitors to Picture Stockton that will be able to say what type of aircraft this is and know much more about the airport than I do.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

10 thoughts on “Teesside Airport (As was)

  1. I have a vague memory of flying either to or from Amsterdam around the mid 70s on a Dan(d)Air flight. The pilot was a lady which was fairly unusal at the time and caused a bit of a stir in the cabin.


  2. Another route from Teesside Airport was a round trip route Teesside – Belfast Aldergrove – Dublin – Teesside. I used this service several times in 1970 whilst working in Northern Ireland but can’t remember the airline’s name. One Friday evening this flight was cancelled and I was given the choice of airports for a flight home – I chose Newcastle but my luggage unfortunately chose Leeds. We were reunited the following afternoon just in time to complete my laundry before returning to Belfast after the weekend.


  3. If I remember rightly, there were two R.A.F.airfields around Dinsdale. One was R.A.F. Goosepoole and the other was R.A.F. Middleton St. George. Can anyone tell me which one became Teesside Airport, and what happened to the other? Over to you, chaps.


    • It’s one and the same Ian , RAF Middleton St George was built upon the site of Goosepool Farm although it is said that geese or perhaps a goose, would gather around a pool, pond, in that area to rest and drink water. From RAF Middleton St George came Teesside Airport which grew, yes grew!, into Teesside International Airport which then became Durham Tees Valley Airport and the rest as they say, is history!
      Interestingly the official station crest of RAF Middleton St George depicts a Canadian goose holding a sword between its feet, the station motto being Shield And Deter.


    • Ian, all one and the same. Goosepool was built from green fields in 1938-9 and extended many times. My Father was delivering building materials there during its early years and wartime. My Mother worked there as a war worker electrician in the WAF quarters. The Canadians manned the bomber squadrens that flew out of goosepool.
      After the war the RAF renamed it RAF Middleton St George flying from there for many years, the RAF family housing near by was classed as part of the old village of Middleton.
      When the RAF left it was taken over by he local councils ( I think) who named it Tees side which somehow became Teesside.
      I was on goosepool many times with Dad when he delivered material for runways and hard standing for planes in fact drove the truck standing up across the aerodrome while shot rabbits with his catapult, many memories of damaged planes in fact I wondered how some of them made it back.
      We went to some of the air shows when the RAF were there and watched it go downhill as it changed hands.
      The area between Goosepool down through to York was covered in airfields and we delivered to them all, now apart from Croft you would never know they existed, will the same happen to ” err” where is it now? ” oh yes” South Durham and Tees Valley? Now what does that mean.


  4. Autair was part of Court Line which went out of business around 1974. It provided a service between Teesside and London Luton.


    • It’s a Hawker Siddeley HS748.
      If Laura or Steve send me a copy of the photograph I may be able to identify the individual aircraft!


      • Autair only flew two of these aircraft whose registrations were G-ATMI and G-ATMJ and both were in service between 1966 and 1972 so it has to be one of them! They actually flew on the Teesside to London (Luton) service and had a reputation of being well used with a 75% load factor. The company became Court Line in 1970 and used Teesside Airport to trial their new Tristar jets in 1972 and even after their demise these two HS748 aircraft flew with Dan Air and continued with their Teesside connection for a few more years.

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