Railways around Stockton

t14976The photographs show Q6 steam loco no.63394 heading towards its home depot of Hartlepool and class 25 diesel no.D5160 coming off the Beck branch, taken on 14 January 1967.

t14977I believe this signal box controlled the junction with the Beck branch and also to the tracks which used to go to the engine shed and then over Norton Road and Church Road. What is interesting is that Network Rail currently has plans to have 10-20 regional signalling centres covering the whole country. When these photographs were taken in the 1960’s there were at least 10 signal boxes between Billingham station and Bowesfield Junction. I suppose they would say that’s progress.

Photographs and details courtesy of Garth McLean.

3 thoughts on “Railways around Stockton

  1. Great photos Garth you can just see the engine sheds which were accessed from the north shore branch on the left of the engine on the top photo which were right behind north shore signal box the engine is travelling over the points into the neck and the group which led into Stockton north yard, the signals off in the background are north shores starter and what would have been Stockton banks distant the signal sequence on the down main was 11, 14, 15, and 9 you are right about the number of boxes Garth including Billingham and Bowesfield there were 10 not including Norton West. Nice to see the photos Garth thanks.


  2. North Shore S. B. closed in around 1985 with colour light signalling introduced. The then very sharp curve into the station by the old gasworks can be appreciated in the photo of 63394. With the closure and lifting of the goods yard and the building of the Stockton link road this was able to be eased a little with higher speeds.
    Great shots and a good record of those days.


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