4 thoughts on “A19 Signpost, Billingham

  1. I pasted this signpost every school day on my way into the Church School on the green starting 1940. The mileage of 23/4 to Stockton has stayed in my memory up to this day. My father was born in those old houses where those new ones now stand.


    • It’s certainly original. I’m interested to know, since your knowledge pre-dates mine by a couple of years, if this signpost was left up during the war. Many signposts were taken down around the country, because of invasion worries, from about 1940 onwards. Somehow I have the feeling this one wasn’t touched, which is why it’s still there. I remember this one from about the time I became conscious of such things, about 1947, and we used to pass it on the bus to Billingham Green and Stockton. The fare from Roseberry Road to the Green was thee-halfpence (just over 1/2p by today’s standards). Note that at the time this was erected, the A19 went by the Green, which means it pre-dates the Billingham Bypass and the Davis Bridge.


  2. I seem to remember this being refurbished when the green was re-modelled ? There is a similar signpost outside of the Wellington Inn in Wolviston indicating ‘A689 Sedgefield’ .


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