9 thoughts on “Interior view of the Billingham Arms

  1. Had my first ever pint here aged 16 in December 1975. Many won’t know this but on Sundays around 2002 there was a church here.


  2. Brings back fond memories. Played here many times in a local band The Fremonts in the 60’s. Supported some big names of the time, Wayne Fontana and The Minbenders, The Merseybeats. Unfortunately the mists of time have removed other names.


  3. As much a part of my life as Dixon of Dock Green. Quick pint on a Sunday after football in the park. Sunday nights at the Billingham Jazz Club. Half pints in the Cocktail Bar where olives and peanuts were served in little trays. Newcastle Exhibition in the lounge at 2/4 a pint. Music piped into the toilets for heavens sake.


  4. Why did they demolish such a proud and well built building? Surely some brewery conglomerate could have taken it on as a very potential asset?


  5. Remember going here a couple of times in the 60’s. Went to see the Alex Campbell folk group there. Think it was there I got told off for going into the ‘Men only’ bar


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