7 thoughts on “Demolished Buildings, Stockton High Street

  1. Can you tell me if the Drapers shop you mention was Bradley Wm. & Son (Henry), tailors & drapers. I am trying to trace them. They were around in 1881. It is where my great grandma worked at 15 years old. It was owned by the Bradley Family in the high street formerly of Front Street through their father Michael Bradley.

    It was listed in the Pigotts Directory 1834 also Bulmers Directory 1890 listed as Bradley Wm. & Son (Henry), tailors & drapers.


    Steve Power


  2. I believe this is the site of the old Odeon cinema. The post office site was developed before the old Odeon was knocked down and rebuilt. The pictures show the rear of the post office and the roof of the bank.


    • Spot on both Alan and Keith. You can still see a very similar view from the car park on West Row or cheat a little and view it on Google Earth! A great shame that whole area remains undeveloped and quite barren to the eye.


      • The photo is taken from West Row looking through a gap towards the High Street. On Google maps street view of the High Street the gap is filled with a Re Discover Stockton hoarding and CW Laws was opposite where Iceland now is. Next to Iceland is PoundWorld which faces across the High Street up Yarm Lane. The space in West Row appears to be filled in with some sort of building.


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