Number 96, Stockton High Street

t15048Above the premises of the Home and Colonial store and The United Automobile Services at no. 96 High Street is JT Marriott Photographers and Tyson Hodgson & Co. Brokers. Leslie Browns at no. 95 and the Victoria Inn at no. 97 can also be seen. Stockton High Street c1960s.

6 thoughts on “Number 96, Stockton High Street

  1. I loved going to Leslie Brown’s too for toys. Am I right in thinking we used to buy records here as well. the old 45’s as well as LP’s.


    • Correct Pauline, and you brought home the Beatles playing it none stop on the Dansette record player, it drove me mad.
      Brought up on Richard Tauber and light opera by Dad, with singers such as Tito Gobi, Gigli, Chick Henderson the Hartlepool Crooner, Bing Crosby, Henry Hall, Glen Miller, some wonderful female singers, smooth and sweet, the Beatles were Castor Oil to me.
      Music went downhill from there and when your Sister brought home the Bay City Rollers I did consider jumping in the river Tees.
      Thanks to YouTube I can relive those early days when musicians could play and singers sing, the Prom’s start soon, thank goodness for that.


  2. Leslie Brown, upstairs pocket money and model trains. They even sold the chemcals to make gunpowder. Later, downstairs, it was the listening booths. A pegboard paradise. that took me from the Shadows to the Beatles.


  3. I also remember spending hours in Leslie Browns watching the model train set I also bought my first single record from the music department in there


  4. My pal and I got the United bus from here to Victoria Bus Station in London to see Fats Domino in his first British visit on Easter Monday 1967. Met Fats at Heathrow and also after the show. Then a quick dash back to Victoria for the bus home. All in all a good weekend.


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