2 thoughts on “A Large Load near the Commercial Hotel

  1. A wonderful photograph, in the background you can see Head Wrightson’s main Social Club (the Commercial Hotel). In the UK most heavy engineering works have significant social clubs such as this nearby, all with informal codes of behaviour known to promote character, wisdom and virtue in the workplace (sic). The Commercial Hotel was a good place to find advice on 101 skilled trades and perhaps, having a quiet bet on the Epsom Derby, a discussion on the merits of Louis vs Marciano at Madision Square Garden, or to bond with your fellow workers. The Spirit of Head Wrightson lives on… forever.


  2. This could have been taken in 1974 as the car in the background is a Saab 95 and Alexander`s had just started the Saab franchise then as my father and brother in law bought the first cars they sold.


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