2 thoughts on “Bradley House Farm, Wolviston

  1. Bob, a cousin Billy Marsay and his wife Laura had the big farm at the top of the village, now the exit road to the A19. They had fields all over the place, some were water meadows on the new Wolviston estate my daughter lives on, I did tell them the garden would always be wet.
    I am sure the other farms in the village had the same set up too. It was probably old farmers leaving and they took over the land.
    I still drive through the village from my Daughters and onto the Wynyard road home, it brings back memories of Dad taking his new trucks to see how they climbed the bank, pre war British trucks were badly under powered so he bought a German Opel. It had the power and lasted years, we took some stick though during the war.


  2. This farm house was owned by my relations George Stainthorp. Un usual as his fields were a distance from the farm. For milking he had to bring the cows through the village from the fields which were on the back road to Thorpe Thewles.


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