One thought on “Brus House, Thornaby?

  1. Yes, Brus House was a series of flat roofed council maisonettes on Thornaby New Town Centre above the shops. It was opposite the high rise flats Anson House & Hudson House on Mitchell Avenue. I lived at the Allensway end of Brus House between 1975 & 1979.

    The lifts at the ends of each block were often broken so climbing the stairs wasn’t fun especially for delivery men. The maisonettes weren’t well insulated being roasting in summer, freezing in winter & behind the interior plasterboard walls were breeze block walls, not brick. This was to prove disastrous, as my first ever DIY job in life was in that maisonette. I fixed a shelf in the lounge to hold my new Bang & Olufsen hi-fi equipment, all £850 worth, purchased from McKenna & Brown in Middlesbrough. Whilst listening to music one evening I heard the shelf creak & before I could move, the whole thing came away from the wall & crashed to the floor. I had assumed the walls were brick & hadn’t heard of breeze block before. For the shelf fixings I had used ordinary rawlplugs… oops ! Since then, nothing I’ve fixed to a wall has never ever come loose.

    In your 1st photograph, above the black metal sculpture was a leisure complex called the Pavillion & my father Dennis was a member of their indoor bowls club. In the early 70’s I went to the Pavilion to see on the same bill, the Strawbs (with Rick Wakeman in the band) and a group called Caravan. Not long after Rick Wakeman left to join some ‘up & coming band’ called… Yes !

    Many a Sunday morning was spent doing the household washing in the launderette on the ground floor of the town centre. I remember what I think was the first Woolco sale on the town centre, probably around 1975. I camped from five in the morning (with lots of others) to buy my first washing machine & tumble dryer (the Eastham Burco tumble dryer is still working) I also remember the fish (goldfish or carp?) being stolen from one of the ornamental ponds and my Ford Cortina being broken into after I’d left it overnight in Woolco’s underground carpark.

    I rented a TV from the ground floor Rediffusion TV shop. I had no end of trouble with the TV & after many visits to the shop, was assured an engineer would call to rectify things. After taking a holiday from work & waiting in all day, no engineer turned up. I stormed into the shop (which full of customers) with all guns blazing. Apologies were quickly offered & a new date was fixed for an engineer to call. I couldn’t afford another day off work, so my elderly next door neighbour kindly offered to wait in for me. On returning home I found my neighbour visibly shaken & in shock. The engineer had called, mistook him for me & told him in no uncertain terms how dare he threaten to throw the TV off the 1st floor wall to the goods yard below if he didn’t get satisfaction! Oops.. my fault for not telling my neighbour that I had said that in the shop!

    My other next door neighbour (who I don’t remember ever seeing) was Kevin Dack. He’d lived around the corner from me when I lived with my parents in Stevenage Close, Thornaby.


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