HOC Office Billingham

t15054I haven’t got a date for this photograph but I think it was taken before 1940 and even possibly before 1930. When I was growing up in Billingham in the 1950s this office block was a well known landmark, the “Sawtooth” roof could be seen from everywhere in the Belasis Avenue area and up to St. Johns school on Cowpen Lane.

During the 1950s the brick frontage was completely covered in Ivy and the main office was painted in camouflage colours, also the car on Chiltons Avenue looks to be of 1920s manufacture. The picture was taken from just inside the ICI West Gate.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

2 thoughts on “HOC Office Billingham

  1. The first new build brick buildings on the Billingham site were the laboratories in 1920 followed by this main office and divisional headquarters in Chiltons Avenue which was completed in 1927 and was extended on at least two occasions .
    I did work in there for a short while , and also it’s new replacement on Belasis Avenue , and well remember Chilton House being demolished in 1998 . I have some photos of the demolition which I took on the 21 May 1998 and they clearly show both the ivy covered walls and the remains of the wartime camouflage paint .


  2. The car is a bull nosed Morris, the truck near the front door could be a pre war Bedford, the picture could be just after the building opened, what date was that?
    The Offices were covered with camouflage paint and I was told by an old hand they could not get it off so grew the ivy over it. As a lad leaving school a visit was arranged for me to see Mr Ward personel Officer and friend of my Parents in those offices. Wood panneled walls carpets and to me large rooms reminded me off Hollywood movies, despite Mr Wards best efforts my future was not to be in an office all my life. “Oh well” the best laid plans, I ended up in an office at ICI many years later.


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