The Odeon c1960s

t15055A photograph of the Odeon showing ‘The Young Doctors’ initially released in 1961, Stockton High Street.





t15076I have taken a snapshot from a video that shows the Cinema in Stockton High Street, it was the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Stockton to Darlington Railway in July 1925, the video is well worth watching in it’s own right. There are some interesting shots of steam trains from the beginning of the railways and up to when the film was made in 1925, the unveiling of the plaque on the ticket office is also shown in the film as well as the crowds thronging the High Street, the film has no sound but in true silent movie tradition it displays placards with relevant information. The film can be found at:

7 thoughts on “The Odeon c1960s

  1. The manager of the Odeon Theatre in Stockton was Bernard Goldthorpe. He sometimes appeared in the foyer in evening dress.


  2. I worked at the Odeon as a projectionist 1955 to 1965. I have been looking for people who worked there at the time, it was a great cinema, some great movies, and very busy, it was great times, such a pity that it is no longer there. Last I heard it had been bought by the council, does anyone know what they plan to do with it?


    • Malcolm, It hasn’t been a Cinema for a number of years. But the Council may well own the Land/Building that the Odeon stood on. It’s been a night club type of venue for quite a while. I didn’t know the Council owned it.


  3. The Odeon was quite a swish place to see a picture. I think it was expensive and I’m sure they had a restaurant on the 2nd floor I took my girl-friend there once for a birthday treat then went on to watch the movie.


    • I worked at the Odeon as a projectionist 1955 to 1965 great times. Does anyone know what is happening to the building now?


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