13 thoughts on “Unknown Building – any ideas?

  1. This was St Michael`s Church Hall but was always known as the Mission Room. As teenagers in the 1940`s we learned to dance there at the Youth Club and it was used as a meeting place for lots of organisations including the Girls Club, Boys Brigade and the Mothers Union as well as a venue for jumble sales, concerts and displays, my sister in law even had her wedding reception there.
    In 1960 when I returned to Norton with my family we lived in the house adjoining the hall (right hand side of the photo) 14 Edgar Street. It was a bit noisy when the Boys Brigade band practiced every Friday evening!


  2. This looks to me like the junction of Butler Street and Edgar Street in Norton.
    I’m pretty sure the large building is what used to be the St Michael’s Hall.


    • It’s now home to the Norton Dance Centre which has an Edgar Street postal address. The roof has recently been re-tiled and the internal wooden floors cleaned and re-sealed.
      I think there could be a dedication stone set into a wall too but I will check?


      • I checked and there is no dedication or date stone . An entrance porch has been added on the Edgar Street side and the wooden notice board seen near the other door is still there although faded now. To the rear in the back alley the coal hole hatch is also still there !


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