Merv James, Lustrum Beck

t15077This is the earliest photograph taken of me, Mervyn William James.  It was taken at Lustrum beck, my pockets filled with Dinky Toys. I lived at Stavordale Road, Newtown, then moved to Ragpath Lane, Roseworth. I went to Newtown primary/Junior school, then Frederick Nattrass.  I started work at Archer Parkin and Townsend, solicitors then became a constable in the Teesside Police, prior to emigrating to Australia in November 1974.

Photograph and details courtesy of Merv James

8 thoughts on “Merv James, Lustrum Beck

  1. Were you a golfing coach prior to joining Teesside Police? (My husband recalls working with someone with the surname James who left the force)


  2. Brings back memories to me as well. This photo appears to be taken with Newtown school in the background, also the bridge in the background is adjacent to where Wardells shop was ( now demolished ). Above and behind him was a large tree where there was always a rope swing, where as kids we spent many a day there trying not to fall in the beck. I can actually remember the flood banks being created along the beck, I don,t know why, but the bucket crane and bulldozers always unearthed humdreds of broken clay smoke pipes, why there I don,t know ?, I also had many days riding my trials bike up and down the flood banks, especially in the snow.


  3. This brings back memories. Catching tiddlers etc. down the beck & playing on the tip. 3d of chips with scraps from Joe’s. I lived round the corner in Londonderry Rd. Went to Newtown then Newham Grange. I also emigrated to Australia in 1962. Best move I ever made


      • You have that one right. Dad was very well known around the town. Fastest wallpaper hanger in the west! One painter called him shot gun. In my first house he wallpapered my my front room. He arrived at 8am, trimmed the paper, papered 4 walls and the ceiling and was gone by noon. He was certainly a worker to be proud of.


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