Norton High Street

t15004Looking toward Stockton, to the left of centre is an oval island with the ever present ‘Old Boys’ sitting on park benches, also on the island is a lamp post with an acorn shaped glass bowl similar in shape to the paraffin lamps used on Stockton market, could it possibly be a gas lamp? There were still some in Billingham at this time but of the more traditional shape.

There are some cars including a pre-war model and a number of bicycles to be seen as well as some very substantial iron ‘Keep Left’ signs. I also noticed that there are no smoking chimneys and an acute shortage of television aerials, about five years after these pictures were taken practically every house would have at least one television aerial and sometimes two.

There must be Nortonians visiting this site that can remember Norton as shown in these pictures and quite possibly will remember some of the shops and what they sold, the Tobacconist and Sparks are easy to spot but what about the others?

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

3 thoughts on “Norton High Street

  1. On the right was a Chemist, Jeans, then Gordon Bowes, Gents Tailors, a small sweet shop, then Harlands, the shoe shop, Walter Wilsons, Grocers a Haberdashery/ Baby linen shop, then over the lane was a jewellers


  2. To the right of the row of shops was a chemist that used to pay us for rose hips we had collected, It was a real boast to our meagre pocket money although gathering them could be painful.


    • To the left was Wreford Carrolls sales and auction rooms, next door was Rowntrees who sold there home grown veggies and fruit and maybe a few eggs later to be Maureen Duells flower shop. Across the road the shops from left were Harlands the coblers, Gallons grocery then McLaughlansa wool shop. After the back street was Tom Smiths the watch maker and jeweller.


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