5 thoughts on “The postroom at ICI c1960

  1. Sorry, regarding my last post, I meant radio Caroline (a pirate radio ship), not radio Luxembourg. I also remember the offices around ICI always had tea ladies, which you could buy cakes or biscuits as well as tea or coffee. Those were the days.


  2. Before starting my apprenticeship at ICI Billingham, I did a year in the mail room of Agricultural Divisions main office. Frank Scott, who I also went to school with was there too. The mail room supervisor was called William Webster (Willy to us messenger boys), he was a gruff and imposing figure but, fair and a nice person when yo got to know him. I was chosen to have my picture taken outside the offices for the ICI magazine. I have a copy so when I find it, I’ll post it.


  3. I have very happy memories of starting ICI as a fifteen year old messenger boy, the date 06/06/66. I was based at Oil Works and the Commissioner in charge of us was a nice guy called Stan? Sorry I can’t remember his surname. I had a couple of school friends who were based in HOC offices and ADO offices. We road butcher type bikes with a carrier on the front to deliver the mail to and fro to varying plants etc.
    The worst time was when the PI (plant instructions) or some called them the SI (site instructions) had to be brought in to have them updated, this was pretty frequent and the weight in the front of the bike would almost upend the bike. I had the Riverside run which took me around the Amines Plants, then down to the riverside and then to the South side plants (an age thing as I can’t remember what this side was called).
    I had a couple of narrow misses when a couple of times there were some explosions and I could have easily been in the area, luckily not. One time one of the Phenol stock tanks blew up and the top lid peeled back like a tin of baked beans, there was such a fire and the fire brigade keeping tons and tons of foam on to stop the other tanks catching fire. I remember the paternoster lifts in ADO offices, quite scary the first time you went over the very top or bottom. Also listening to radio Luxembourg in HOC office mail room, which could be the one in the photo.
    I retired two years ago, but such happy memories, and only seemed like yesterday I left school. Being a messenger boy was a good start to the big wild world that lay beckoning. One of the best companies to work for, with such varied opportunities, if you were prepared to try for.


    • I was a messenger girl at oil works in 1964/65. Stan Code was the commissionaires name. I enjoyed my years at ICI Billingham as well until 1970 when I married and moved away from the area. I went on to work in the office at Workshops Central Offices Agricultural Division.


  4. I started work in the post room on the 7th January 1960 as a messenger girl. The boss of the post room was Sid Turner. It was a very happy place to work.


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