6 thoughts on “1st Norton-on-Tees Scout Group

  1. I’m not sure but the scout leader on the right hand side looks like Mr Yuill who was a teacher at the National School Thornaby, also scout leader he is also on my photo Grange Road Coronation Street party celebrations. They had a son David, and daughter, Margaret. He is the spitting image of him if not him. I hope I am correct. I usually have a good eye and memory for faces. Regards Judy heslop


  2. The lady in the uniform was Daisy Staples. She was a Cub Mistress at St Paul’s but was also a one time ACC for cubs. The man next to Norman Huckle was Stan Yuill the then District Commissioner. I started as a Cub Instructor with Daisy and she taught me so much. That was when I was only 15 and working for my Queen’s Guide Award in the early 60s. I have just this year retired as a GSL in East Yorkshire but still have a connection. I will show my mum Annie Hanrahan this photo to see who she recognises.


  3. The lady is, I think, Mrs Spring, who I knew as Arkela of 6th Stockton Cubs at St Pauls church in Bishopton Road. Must have been 1950 or thereabouts. In normal life she had a wool shop in Dovecote Street. Lovely lady.


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