2 thoughts on “Henry Berry Injectors, ICI Billingham

  1. This is very much a guess, but I wonder if these were needed for injecting coal/tar mixtures into the coal hydrogenation reactors at ICI. The Henry Berry Ltd seems to have been one of those companies which would design and build innovative pieces of industrial equipment. They eventually seemed to specialise in the manufacture of hydraulic presses, which also involves pumping fluids at high pressure.

    This is from a trade directory of the mid-1920s

    Henry Berry and Co

    Henry Berry and Co, hydraulic engineers, commenced business in 1883. Two years later, owing to the development of the business, it was transferred to the present Croydon Works. Subsequently, in 1887, and again in 1896, further additions were made, and again in 1900, 1914, 1916 and 1919. The extraordinary success achieved by this firm can be gauged by these extensions. Berry and Co.’s chief products are hydraulic presses, hydraulic riveting machines, hydraulic pressure pumps and various types of hydraulic machine tools. The many patents and designs brought out by the firm have been the means of considerably extending the application of hydraulic machinery. When Japan commenced to build her navy, the firm supplied all the forging plant. It is supplying the exceedingly powerful riveting machines required for the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A recent new machine is a non-ferrous metal extruding press, which has been extensively adopted in this country and has found favour abroad. The Managing Director is Major W. Berry, a nephew of the founder.


  2. Can anyone tell me who Henry Berry was and what the illness was that required injections from such a big machine. I hope he got well anyway. Incidentally I noticed that the machine was controlled by an Ellison star delta oil filled starter. I’ve wired a few of those up in my time. Just sayin’.


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