14 thoughts on “Aerial View of Billingham

  1. I worked as a bricklayer on Kennedy Gardens when I was 22 years of age that makes the year 1962 it was handy as I lived in Pentland Avenue no 128. The Billy Arms was my watering hole good pint of Newcastle Exhibition. Good old days, moved away from Billingham in 1989.


  2. Looks like about 1960 at times they play football were Kennedy Gardens are now. Kids would play there on the field and we take a sort of cut across to the town center.


  3. I don’t think the bowling alley was open on this pic. If that’s the case then it has to be before ’63 as I remember hearing of Kennedy’s assassination there (November ’63)


  4. I lived in Kennedy Gardens from mid 64 to mid 66, one of the first tenants in the far block on the 9th floor. The flats were complete by then (obviously). The block nearest the camera was built first. I’m pretty sure that the 1st floor walkway/carpark roof was being constructed during the time I lived there, but that may be wrong, it may have been completed before I moved in. I knew someone who lived in the first block around the 1962/63 period.

    The Forum complex was started around mid 65 and wasn’t completed when I left in May’66 I would guess the picture was taken between late 1963 and mid ’65 .


  5. About 1965. No forum built…after 1963 because the four chimneys of Steam Reform plant, built 1963 are clearly visible. Before 1966, because LP Ammonia cooling towers have not yet been built.


  6. I think 1964/65 was when Kennedy Gardens were finished and they are shown upper left of the centre of this picture. My best friend moved into Kennedy Gardens with her parents around that time. Her father was the pharmacist at the Chemist in the town centre. I also worked in the town centre, firstly at Plahe’s dental surgery, then at the Billingham Arms Hotel, Doggart’s department store, Billingham Forum and finally at The Billingham Art Gallery. Good Memories!


    • Hello Ana. My name is Tony Garrett and I lived in the same block as the pharmacist’s daughter to whom you refer in your comment. Her name was Renette Harris and I had quite a crush on her as we we were both students at Billingham Tech. Her father was a gentleman and her mother was a very pleasant lady. The photo was taken in about 1965 as that was the year the connecting walkways were completed. I wonder where Renette is now?


  7. Are you sure its late 50s as I left in 1960 and its wasn’t as built up as that. There was no football ground at the back of Bedford Ter. when I lived in Cowpen


  8. A bit of a teaser this. Kennedy Gardens looks nearly complete. Note the parking still in construction. No Forum but, the Arms extension over Roy’s to the Bowling Alley must be 60’s. John Whitehead Park with lily ponds, tennis courts and bowling greens looks complete also. Marsh House Avenue shows evidence of the first industrial developments.


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