Fun at Butlin’s c1960s

t8857All the fun of Butlin’s Holiday Camp. Can anybody identify themselves? There is me (Janette), George Outhwaite, Tommy Williams and Billy Hollis. Taken during the early 1960s.

Photograph and details courtesy of Janette Outhwaite.

3 thoughts on “Fun at Butlin’s c1960s

  1. Hi there Janette, I used to work at Harkers Engineering on Church Road and so did my father Norman Bellerby. We both worked with a lad called David Outhwaite, any relation to your good self? Anyway I like to show my dad any interesting photographs from this site (I know they all are and have posted lot’s here myself) I think he said he was at school (Freddy Nat) with the Hollis’s. But you mention one other name, Tommy Williams but not where he is located on the photo. Looking closely I see (dead centre) the smiling face of a man both my father and myself worked with at Harkers, he was a fitter there for many years. If that is indeed Tom I saw him about a month ago in Morrisons and my dad saw him down the town about a fortnight ago.
    P.S If that isn’t Tommy just go back to question one, he he.


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