14 thoughts on “The Grand, Bishop Street c1968

  1. Yes I remember the Plaza and the story of going in with a pullover and commuting out with a jumper but if I remember rightly it was cheaper than the others especially up in the gods.


  2. Was the photo taken after a first phase preliminary demolition? I think I can remember ornate cast iron columns on the pavement, close to the road, supporting a cast iron and a coloured glass weatherproof canopy.


    • Looks like the opening for it is there, but it’s been demolished. I would guess that this picture was taken after it had closed, and maybe the projection box was removed because it was unsafe? Before my time, so don’t remember the actual building.


  3. Perhaps the most interesting feature of the building was as an example of the way some former theatres were cheaply and quickly transformed into cinemas by building a projection box on the outside accessible by a ladder.


  4. In my day it was known as the flea pit with good reason. We had new modern cinema’s in town clean and comfortable the Plaza lost customers and in the end closed. The Town could not keep every unused building, there was no interest or money to do anything with it plus the mindset of us wartime people was out with the old in with the new. The Turner Cinema catered for off beat films often showing old favourites, we had plenty of choice. In this modern era there may be people willing to spend money on refurbishment back then there was no money apart from government grants, the Town did get some of that, the complaints about its use are often on these pages.


  5. The Plaza had value. It often showed films that one had missed on the two major cinemas, The Globe (ABC) and The Odeon. Although often derided, it was not a bad little cinema, fondly remembered from the days in the 50s when I was a schoolboy.


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