Painting of Stockton High Street

t15100This is one of  Local Artist Tony Hutchinson’s works, depicting myself with my wife Marie sitting on a bench in Stockton High Street, with an unusual view of  the Parish Church in the background. Tony has created a wonderful painting capturing the Stockton High Street we all know and love.

Image and details courtesy of Ben Brown.

8 thoughts on “Painting of Stockton High Street

  1. More than a few hours of work in this wonderfully evocative picture. What medium was used. Looks like a drawing with a watercolour wash


  2. Highly evocative, this one… the couple remind me somewhat of my ‘sixties’ classmate Eric Short’s mam and dad (Renee and Bill), also of Stockton, in their later years. They were very wonderful people who treated me as another son through my troubled teenage years.


    • Hi Colin this is Ian, Eric’s younger brother.
      Bill is no longer with us but mam is still going strong at 92!! She thanks you for your lovely thoughts and comments


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