8 thoughts on “ICI Garage, Billingham

  1. I remember the ICI petrol stations – there was one on Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough I’m sure. I think the site is empty and has been for a number of years.


  2. I remember the ICI garage very well, we at 16 Roscoe Road from 1966 to 1979. Just inside the west gate was a cigarette machine to which I was often sent to get dad 10 fags.


  3. I seem to remember my father saying at the time that ICI was awash with petrol as a byproduct. If they tried to give it away they would destroy pump prices. Some was sold to employees at a discount and then they came up with the idea of distributing it through Phillips and others.
    I have heard it said that there was never any waste products at ICI.


  4. I used to use this garage at least twice a week when I was an ICI apprentice, I remember they sold 2 star petrol which I would put in my Yamaha RD250 and if memory serves me right this was 62 and a half pence a gallon in 1975/6, ICI was always slightly cheaper than the other filling stations.


    • Neal I was told on good authority that those lolly pops were an experiment in artificial sweeteners, apparently they got it right as most sweet things these days do have sweeteners other than sugar in them. You were probably on camera to see if you keeled over although you can bet your boots they would be tasted by ICI workers first.


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