4 thoughts on “Swallow Hotel c1973

  1. I am a native of Stockton, I left to work overseas in 1979 but whenever I returned to visit friends and family I would nearly always stay at the Swallow, right in the centre of town, no need to drive and with a convenient car park connected directly to the hotel.. A few minutes walk to the Sun Inn and the best pint on the High Street. The hotel staff were really good and the breakfast was always good, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon good fruit and the best coffee in town. I was surprised when I went back a few years ago to find it closed down and the closure seemed to lower the whole tone of the High Street. I am happy to say that I don’t live in the U.K. any longer, especially the Teesside, it is not what it used to be. Sad really.


  2. Wonderful memories of this Hotel where we spent New Year many times. The family and friends moved in after lunch new Years Eve and prepared ourselves for the evening. It all started with drinks in the lounge then Dinner which was always top class, the Chefs would produce either an Ice or Butter Sculpture and the tables would be immaculately set out. The Serving Staff were cheerful and efficient so the meals arrived together and hot not always the case in some establishments. There would be a break then Entertainment and Dance until the early hours of New Years Day. Fall into bed then up late and a good breakfast then leave for home.
    The Staff were always very helpful which made the occasion a wonderful experience, the pictures we have for some reason appear to be out of focus cannot think why. It started to go downhill before it closed down so we stopped going although we all remember the good times had in the Swallow.


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