4 thoughts on “Newlands Hotel Dining Room c1966

  1. In the early 70’s a gang of us used to go in there on a Saturday afternoon for pie, peas and chips and a cuppa. We had to make them last quite a while though until 5.30 when the pubs reopened again. Used to do an all day session on a Saturday in our youth in those days but always made sure of a meal in between — sensible or what ?


  2. It was before then, I had my interview from the boss in there for the Wimpy Bar opening on Stockton High Street. This was a while before I was married in 1963.


    • A pal of mine went there for a meal with his girlfriend, and when the bill arrived he had insufficient funds, his girlfriend slipped the rest of the required loot under the table to him. This would be 1964 or 65.


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