9 thoughts on “Shipping on the Tees at Stockton

  1. Look at the river banks, they looked the same into the 1950’s when the piling started for the new walkway along the banks. Part of the old coal staithes still existed into the noughties.
    When the tide was out it was mud flats well out into the mainstream and when we got very hot weather the smell was awful for us people working alongside. At that time is was a tidal river up to and beyond Yarm, now a clean fresh water lake and playground for boat lovers. To me, one who remembers it as it once was, the best thing Stockton ever did. That of course is only my opinion.

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  2. Note the sailing boat of the left at Corporation Quay. The yard arms have been turned on the masts so that they are almost in line with the vessel. In that position they avoid being hit by the dockside cranes.


  3. Is that an early dredger operating in the middle of the river a little downstream?
    It looks as if it is dredging opposite the slipways of the shipyard, maybe to ensure the river was deep enough to accommodate an imminent launch.


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