Cars at ICI Oil Works?

An array of vehicles and a milk machine at ICI, Billingham.

Photographs courtesy of Ken Brooke.

3 thoughts on “Cars at ICI Oil Works?

  1. The first 2 pics are at the north end of the main machine workshop opposite the main canteen. I was an apprentice turner in there in ’66-’68. Frank Sterrett’s Morris Minor is the wrong way round in the space that he couldn’t reverse into… he was the Apprentice Manager at the time and a good pal. Happy memories.


  2. Derek, I think everyone remembers those pasties, I certainly do (delicious). In the mid sixties if I remember correctly they cost 10d in the day.


  3. My dad, Harry Appleton, was the General Foreman at Billingham Oil Works. Don’t know if there is anyone still living that remembers him. All my male family except my older brother, also Harry, worked at ICI Billingham. Regarding the Milk Machine, I remember the big, flaky pastry pasties that we bought at morning tea break. I had one every day with a pint of milk. The pasties were made at the main canteen, I think.


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