3 thoughts on “‘Nebo’ Works

  1. So glad I stumbled across this photo. I was part of a school trip here when i was very small – given the closing date it can’t have been much before. For years now I had thought I had imagined it, such was my poor memory. But I do remember our expectations of coming out with handfulls of sweets never came about !


  2. The Nebo Confectionery works were in the Green Dragon Yard off Finkle Street, Stockton from 1920-1972. The Evening Gazette carried a news story on Crunchie Munchie Nebo Confectionery, stating that J.F. Smith & Co, the Nebo Confectionery company opened in Stockton’s Green Dragon Yard in 1920. It produced sweets, including the popular Nebo Creams, until 1972.
    The sweets came in several flavours, including peppermint, strawberry, lemon and orange. Its manufacturing premises were inside the former Stockton’s Georgian Theatre in Green Dragon Yard, this grade II listed building was built in 1564 as a tithe barn, used to store annual produce collected from the local farmers and businessmen as a kind of local tax to the church. It was converted to use as a Salvation Army Citadel in the latter part of 1874 but the building was in decline and eventually it was taken over by J.F.Smith and Co., t/as Nebo Confectionery, for use as a sweet factory and warehouse.
    It continued in this role until 1972 when the works closed. The building fell into disrepair and was in a poor state when it was acquired by Stockton Council for around £14000. The listed building was eventually renovated and in 1980 re-opened as a community space, still in the ownership of Stockton Council.


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